My Downfall

On seeing her, my heart soared
in my chest it loudly roared
Beating hard like a horse on gallop
There it went, out of my control

Her beauty,
like that of a delicate flower
Her smile,
Had me mesmerized
Her eyes,
Saying things untold
Her neck,
makes me want to nibble

And her laugh,
I cannot get enough of it
like bells tinkling
It makes life seem worth it.

I saw the signs and was alert
I warned my heart
so it won't be hurt

O heart, beware!
don't make this mistake
You have been there
this risk you cannot take

Remember the lesson
That you should have learnt
Why do you again
risk getting burnt?

But my heart had gone deaf
it didn't listen
and now I am
hopelessly smitten

I see where this is going
I see my downfall
and I am powerless to resist
I can just hope for the best


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