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Transcending both
time and space
it takes me to
another place
to a vacation, a holiday
while I am right where I stay

Speaking what can't be expressed
Soothing the mind,
giving it a rest
Healing the heart,
making it whole
Like a heavenly balm
soothing my soul

Lost with my thoughts

I feel lost at sea
No land in sight
Helpless to help myself
I've got no respite

Alone with my thoughts
what a dangerous place to be
My thoughts have become
my greatest enemy

I am running but going nowhere
running on a treadmill of dread
I am trying but I can't escape
this horrendous woeful place

They go around in a loop
coming back where they started
like a noose around my neck
pulling me to despair

My process in learning a new language - Spanish

Phase One : Introduction
By introduction I mean, getting the basics of the language or target subject. If it is a language, as it is in my case, learn some common words and basic grammar, getting used to its sounds, its rhythm, and its tones, being able to recognize some words in that language's songs and rapid conversation. By some words I mean at least two out of ten words.
This phase can be tricky, it has the highest chance of drop out, and if you drop out in this phase you forget whatever little you have learned yet as if it was never there.
Duolingo is a great resource for this phase. After completing the duolingo Spanish skill tree, I know some vocabulary and some grammar.I can make out common words in Spanish songs and Spanish conversations between native speakers, though stringing the words together in my head and understanding the meaning still takes time.I am able to read Spanish and most of the time understand what is written.I can also translate basic sentenc…


O Death, my oldest friend.
My constant companion,

Why would I be afraid of you?

You have been there,
right from the start,
Since my birth
we have never been apart.

We share the same birthday,
And I know that one day
When the time comes,
You will take me away.

Away on an adventure.
to parts unknown.
Leaving behind everything
that I have known.

But you are mine, my friend.
They are not,
the ones who look like you
So similar yet so different
born with my loved ones,
instead of me,
I am afraid of them,
deathly afraid.
'cause one day
they will take them away
away from me.

New Project : Harmonica Tutor App

Harp, Harmonica, Mouth Organ and more. It has many names but its sound is distinctive in its expressiveness, and the instrument, one of a kind in its portability.

As you may or may not know, I am a harmonica enthusiast and player, I love the Diatonic Harp. I just love its expressiveness, its distinctive sound, even its quirks. Everything about it really somehow tugs my heartstrings.
Such a small instrument, with such a powerful voice. Its size, in no way an indicator of its power.

A few months ago, while searching for new songs to learn and play. I found some song tabs, but the song was new to me, and the tune unfamiliar.
You see, tabs don't tell the whole story of a song, tabs don't show rhythm, or time. I could see what notes to play, but I didn't know when to play them. Which made learning the song unnecessarily difficult. And the process ineffective.

Everything has an app nowadays.
So with the powers of programming  vested upon me from the land of no bugs 😄 , I decid…