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A New Morning

Some days will be good Some will be bad There is a day after every night So, do not feel sad My dear, just be glad To have this life full of love friends and family who care for you And who you love in turn When you're sad or feeling down With your forehead bunched in a frown I'll cheer you up, with a warm hug And some hot chocolate in a mug Wrapping my arms around you I won't let go, I will hold you tight A hug from someone you love Makes the world seem bright Holding you in a warm embrace I'll tell a joke, or a funny anecdote to cure this sadness and stress laughter is the best antidote If that doesn't work I will hold you down restraining you so that you can't escape And tickle you until this frown gives way to unrestrained, "joyful" laughter And your face will shine bright with a smile so blinding as if it were the sun, bringing a new morning A poem by Gautam Jain Written on 21/08/2016

The Cabin

It was dark, late at night, But the forest seemed very bright. The trees glowed with an ethereal glow. a lake shimmering in an unholy light. Suddenly, going through the forest, did not seem very bright. I should have waited till daybreak then I wouldn't be in this plight. But committed as I was, with no option. I walked on despite my fear. Not stopping even a moment for rest. In my haste to get out of here. Soon I was too tired to walk, no shelter to be seen. Shadows following me eerily. Then I heard a soul shaking keen. Now scared out of my wits I prayed to god with all my might That I survive this creepy forest, through this dark and dreary night. A miracle, I saw just then. A cabin, hidden behind some trees,  I knocked and asked for shelter but there was nobody home. The door was open, so I walked in. Lighting a lamp, to look around. A single bed surrounded by portraits is all that I found. Portraits of some weird looking people or creatures

The living undead

Looking at the world around, I was feeling really sad. So much pain and despair, It was driving me mad To satisfy their greed that is the goal ultimate. I feel bad to see them in such a sorry state. They work hard to keep their place in this world's brutal rat race The living un-dead like zombies they move soul less and mindless just stuck in their groove No life they have Except for show All they can think is what the world will know


  I feel like sitting in a dark room, with no light and no sound sitting all alone with doors shut, and nobody around. I feel this hollow feeling in my chest, a chill on my back. Wrapped in a blanket snug, I want to hug a pillow tight. In person or online. I don't want to speak or interact, not on the phone, email or chat. Is this fear I am not sure. Can't express my self, I feel insecure. Friends I have none, only acquaintances. No one to share my fears and pain with. I was born alone, in this world, I am still all alone. So many people around But I am lonely in this crowd. In this darkness, all I can do, is to close my eyes and pray. That a ray of light will take my night And turn it into day. Pray for the human, I am. To be free like a bird gliding in the heavens. That lion in my chest released from the shackles it is in, Roaming free without fear or repression. Free to express, talk and have friends. Friends who will be true. We will stick t

On the Ground

Early morning, I heard a crash, then something horribly familiar, more heart wrenching than a person crying but yet quite similar. My heart skipped a beat, my sleep was gone, now awake, I stumbled out. My mother was there with my father, he lying on the ground, in a puddle of water. Teeth clenched tight, his tongue bitten, mouth frothing, body stiff and shaking in violent convulsions. Some chairs and a table were around, when he had fallen to the ground. I thank Gurudev that he fell straight down, instead of crashing into the stuff around. Epilepsy attack it was again,  just as scary as the first time. But now we knew what and what not to do, instead of running around like headless chickens. We placed him on his side, put a thick folded cloth in his mouth, to protect his tongue from further harm. Tried the acupressure points we knew, and prayed. Prayed for him to be fine again and recover fast. Asking God till when will this last. I believe that pra

Pride and arrogance

Pride and arrogance,  be afraid of these two.  Don't let them, come in and ruin you. Pride before the fall, as the saying goes. Don't stand too tall, when the wind blows. The stiff straight trees that are the first to fall those who learn when to bend The wind can't harm them at all Arrogance and pride come when there are bad times ahead If you don't keep them in check You are gonna soon be dead

The Myth of Happiness

Wipe those tears off your face the world can be a brutal place. Happiness is a myth its secret I know well you should never ever in problems dwell. To be happy all you need is to make your self self deceive. Think happy thoughts with a deep breath in. Ignore the crisis that you are in. Put a smile on your face. Fake it till you make it. Soon you too will start to believe it.


"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" - Franklin D. Roosevelt Fear is the friend, Fear is the foe, An emotion most important, that we need, to grow. The emotion most primal, is what kept us alive. In the ancient forests, it helped us survive. Every living being, in his life experiences fear. It comes in many forms, Some indistinct and some clear. But when this fear takes over, nameless, unjustified, unreasoning. Be fearful of this fear my friend, It ruins lives without meaning. It is your life, take it in your hands. Beat the fear, Don't be overcome. If you don't, remember Your fate will be gruesome.

First Impression : Unity3d

Installing Unity3d since early morning Net speed, really slow The assistant failed after downloading and the files failed to show Why even make an assistant Which can't be resumed I guess it was my fault I shouldn't have assumed. This time using torrents, I am re-downloading. This is taking far too long, When will it get to installing? Finally! Unity installed and I've started learning But Unity! Please stop bugging out and crashing. At least the tutorials don't seem really lame. I can hardly wait to make a new 3d game.


A person is only perfect, lying still in death. So don't be perfect, better yourself instead Perfection means, you don't need to learn, No improvement, but that's just not done As human beings, we never stop learning. The best thing to do, is to feed this yearning. Improve yourself , learn something new. This human form, is only given to a few. Step by step, day by day, you're sure to improve. To succeed all you need, is to get in the groove. Hurdles there will be many, most of them are in your mind. Ignore them as best as you can, and leave them far behind. Practice till you're perfect, that is the only way. To be the best you can be, practice everyday.

First Step

Programming is what I love to do I started when I was eleven With the aptly named Basic I thought it was heaven Wrote a program on a paper Had no compiler to check Called up a senior student And made him check instead At age thirteen in class seven I made a little game A little old by today's standards But early all the same I made my homework interactive : An area 'n volume calculator, An interactive chart of the winds, Zones and equator. Making things move using code was oh just so much fun I didn't know at the time But my journey had begun

Rhyme Bug

This is getting really weird, I can't help but scratch my beard. I was writing a letter. The first line was fine, but when I wrote the second one it rhymed with the first line I went to a shop nearby to buy me some bread Tried to talk normally But I was rhyming instead This is not an attempt at poetry I was just casually writing But then a rhyme struck my head as if it was lightening Bitten by the rhyme bug I think I may have been The doctor even told me Its the worst case he has seen

Tin Sandwich

My little tin sandwich makes such a sweet tone, I play it wherever I can. It pleases me to the bone. Blow air in and blow air out, as simple as it can be. It is not difficult at all, to play a simple melody. Names it has a plenty. Mouth organ, harmonica, harp. a diatonic in the key of C, it cannot play a sharp. But if I twist my tongue just so And change the air flow You can hear those missing notes Using a bend or over blow Cupping it with my hands I make WA WA sound Chugging on like a train then I make it wail out loud. Oh so small, it fits my pocket I carry it everywhere And whenever I play a tune People just stop and stare


I work in my little cubicle, at my desk, day and night. The windows are closed, the AC is on. I am under artificial light. I did not see the sun set, I did not see the sun rise, So when I looked outside, I got a jolly big surprise. It was dark and it was light Was it day or was it night? I looked at the clock and what did I see Time was not as it should be Clocks have numbers till only twelve But what it showed was thirteen And why was there a pink elephant Right where my desk had been Then the elephant said with a roar Don't you try to ignore me I only appear to those suffering from insanity You've been working hard too hard to be healthy now wake up and go outside If you really wanna be wealthy

Restless Quest

My eyes tired, my legs aching, my spirit strong, But flesh flaking. Working hard, Hardly eating, My butt aches, But I am still seating  I've been awake, since the day broke, and will be up, till midnight's stroke. Working on my passion, I will not rest,  till I reach, the end of my quest