On the Ground

Early morning, I heard a crash,
then something horribly familiar,
more heart wrenching than a person crying
but yet quite similar.

My heart skipped a beat,
my sleep was gone, now awake,
I stumbled out.
My mother was there with my father,
he lying on the ground,
in a puddle of water.
Teeth clenched tight,
his tongue bitten,
mouth frothing,
body stiff and shaking in violent convulsions.

Some chairs and a table were around,
when he had fallen to the ground.
I thank Gurudev that he fell straight down,
instead of crashing into the stuff around.

Epilepsy attack it was again, 
just as scary as the first time.
But now we knew what and what not to do,
instead of running around like headless chickens.

We placed him on his side,
put a thick folded cloth in his mouth,
to protect his tongue from further harm.
Tried the acupressure points we knew,
and prayed.

Prayed for him to be fine again and recover fast.
Asking God till when will this last.

I believe that prayers work, and a solution will be in sight.
Till then I pray with all my might. 
Oh God! please take care of your children's plight.
Take us to a brighter day, far far away from this dark night.


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