A New Morning

Some days will be good
Some will be bad
There is a day after every night
So, do not feel sad

My dear, just be glad
To have this life full of love
friends and family who care for you
And who you love in turn

When you're sad or feeling down
With your forehead bunched in a frown
I'll cheer you up, with a warm hug
And some hot chocolate in a mug

Wrapping my arms around you
I won't let go, I will hold you tight
A hug from someone you love
Makes the world seem bright

Holding you in a warm embrace
I'll tell a joke, or a funny anecdote
to cure this sadness and stress
laughter is the best antidote

If that doesn't work I will hold you down
restraining you so that you can't escape
And tickle you until this frown gives way
to unrestrained, "joyful" laughter

And your face will shine bright
with a smile so blinding
as if it were the sun,
bringing a new morning

A poem by Gautam Jain

Written on 21/08/2016


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