The Cabin

It was dark, late at night,
But the forest seemed very bright.
The trees glowed with an ethereal glow.
a lake shimmering in an unholy light.

Suddenly, going through the forest,
did not seem very bright.
I should have waited till daybreak
then I wouldn't be in this plight.

But committed as I was, with no option.
I walked on despite my fear.
Not stopping even a moment for rest.
In my haste to get out of here.

Soon I was too tired to walk,
no shelter to be seen.
Shadows following me eerily.
Then I heard a soul shaking keen.

Now scared out of my wits
I prayed to god with all my might
That I survive this creepy forest,
through this dark and dreary night.

A miracle, I saw just then.
A cabin, hidden behind some trees, 
I knocked and asked for shelter
but there was nobody home.

The door was open, so I walked in.
Lighting a lamp, to look around.
A single bed surrounded by portraits
is all that I found.

Portraits of some weird looking people
or creatures I should say.
Things that would not 
seem out of place in a horror play

Some with fangs, and red eyes,
cloaked in a dark shroud.
Some with huge bulging eyes
That would make tennis balls proud

Relieved but tired, I laid down,
Despite my fear, I was soon asleep.
In my life I have never had,
a sleep more peaceful and deep.

On waking up the next morning,
to my surprise I saw,
There were no portraits on the walls.
Only some big windows.


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