Ignorance is bliss

 My ignorance astounds me, my naivety confounds me. I have a head full of ideas which make little sense and a heart full of optimistic hope. 

I am afraid that the world is not what I imagine it to be, the little I have seen seems to prove that to me.

Yet I dream, for what else could it be? Untouched from any semblance of reality. For what is reality other than what I make of it? A shared delusion we have all agreed upon, or something more individualistic.

Either way I say, I'll take life as it comes, day by day. There after all, is a morning after every night, the first rays of the sun shining, piercing through the dark with their light.

Yesterday as I showered, I stood there in silence, staring into the bucket of water, watching its surface ripple, pondering upon the nature of happiness and how it seems it never last while sadness prevails steadfast.

Every time I feel joy, I can be sure that it won't last. But this listless melancholy has stood by me steadfast.

It is funny how the dark doesn't need anything to exist, yet when there is even a ray of light, it ceases to persist. The ray of light comes and goes, illuminating what it hits for a millisecond or so and then there darkness once more.

Just like that, my joy is always momentary, a small ripple in this sea of sadness. So I shall share my joys in the hopes that it causes more ripples. There is already way too much sadness all around.

I have even heard of a joy that lasts for ever. The elusive eternal bliss often spoken of by learned sages. 

They say that this bliss exists deep within each one of us. All we need to do, is to look beyond the trappings of what we consider our reality. Because in the end, this world, this reality is all just another rather persistent dream. 

I am not this body, and neither of this body. I am not what my senses and experiences have made me, the sadness I feel can't be eternal as it too isn't real. Just as the momentary joy isn't. 

The day I leave these trappings behind, maybe, just maybe I too will experience that eternal bliss. In a way, this too is ignorance and ignorance certainly is bliss.


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