New Project : Harmonica Tutor App

Harp, Harmonica, Mouth Organ and more. It has many names but its sound is distinctive in its expressiveness, and the instrument, one of a kind in its portability.

As you may or may not know, I am a harmonica enthusiast and player, I love the Diatonic Harp. I just love its expressiveness, its distinctive sound, even its quirks. Everything about it really somehow tugs my heartstrings.
Such a small instrument, with such a powerful voice. Its size, in no way an indicator of its power.

A few months ago, while searching for new songs to learn and play. I found some song tabs, but the song was new to me, and the tune unfamiliar.
You see, tabs don't tell the whole story of a song, tabs don't show rhythm, or time. I could see what notes to play, but I didn't know when to play them. Which made learning the song unnecessarily difficult. And the process ineffective.

Everything has an app nowadays.
So with the powers of programming  vested upon me from the land of no bugs 😄 , I decided to develop a mobile/web app to make the process much easier.

Presenting to you my new project, which has the following features :

  • Song library
  • MIDI Visualizations/Play along and Tablature (multiple view modes : Roll, Tabs, Chart)
  • Support for both chromatic and diatonic harmonicas
  • Transpose the song to any position on the harmonica
  • Change the key of the harmonica while keeping the key/ notes of the song same
  • Change the key of the harmonica while keeping tabs/position same
  • Change the tempo of the song and slow it down to make learning easier
  • Play a section of the song on loop, learn the song part by part
  • Sa re ga notation instead of tablature, for those who are more comfortable with that
  • Support for multiple tunings
  •  Why limit to harmonica? More instruments will be awesome!
Here is a demo of some of its features : 

The app is finally ready and will be launched soon, I am working on its website and song library.

It's name will not be MusicAlly. I have decided on a name, and it will be revealed soon.


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