I will tell you guys something,
Something that happened a few days ago,
while walking in the evening,
I felt gloomy, my mood really low.

The world looked weird,
The colors all wrong
There was a deafening silence in my ears
And I wasn't singing any song

Nor was I playing my flute or harp
The world had never looked so dark
Then out of nowhere came my salvation
A little cat asking for affection.

I meow at cats, I know it is weird
But they have never meowed back
This one came, begging to be petted
Who was I to not oblige it?

The little tabby stayed with me,
Bumping its head, arching its back
Going around in circles around my feet
Putting its paws in my lap

Then as soon as I felt better,
the world looking bright and cheery
The cat got up and walked away
leaving me feeling really merry

this incident was dated : 4th May 2017


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